Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Now that Blogger will let me title my posts, I am out of ideas...

I completely ran out of time to post last night, so I am posting from work. Brittny, regarding giving myself a really good treat to make up for my shots, see my comment to your post :)

Yesterday at work, the power (inexplicably) went out for about 45 minutes. What is it about that sort of thing that makes grown women gleefully giggle like schoolgirls? Within two minutes of losing power, one of my co-workers showed up at my office with a Coke and a candy bar. Work time was OVER! There was actually an audible groan from around the office when power was restored. You'd think this was a terrible place to work and they kept us chained to the desks! (It's not and they don't.) It's just so exciting to have a break in the normal schedule.

I just reread that paragraph and although it is sad and somewhat embarassing, I am going to leave it for you all to ponder.

I've been a little miffed lately because I have had comments from several people lately that imply that they are surprised I am going to dental school. I don't think they mean me, personally, but just that I'm a WOMAN and I'm going to dental school. This surprises me, because I really thought in this day and age that was not shocking. Of course one of the people was my kooky old great-aunt, so I guess you have to take some of that kind of thing with a grain of salt. I don't really take it personally, because I know my capabilities. I sometimes feel like those of us who actually use our brains pay for the actions of those who think acting stupid is attractive. Oh well, I'm not getting my soapbox out today.

I have a food confession. My husband and I have been exercising and really trying to eat right. He is trying to lose a few pounds and I am really just trying to tone up (why do I suddenly have grandmother flab under my arms?) and get into better shape. We've really been doing well. We joined a gym, we've been going consistently and we generally stick to our "diet" pretty well. However, I cannot MAKE myself stop eating a bag of chips for breakfast every morning. Yes, breakfast. The meal your mom always told you was the most important of the day. I stumbled upon these chips quite by accident. They are in a snack machine in the basement of the building I work in. They are Snyder's of Hanover Hot Buffalo Wing potato chips. I tell myself they really aren't THAT BAD, because the bag happily informs me every day that they contain 0% trans fat. I don't know if my husband knows. He does see me get $.50 out of the change stash every morning. I think he is just nice enough not to mention it. Hey, I do wash it down with a DIET Coke!

Well, I must get back to work. Hope you girls have a great day!


annie said...

I don't think the power outage thing is silly at all. I bet in this office, they'd give it about 20 minutes, then we'd all go home. Actually, that happened last summer, and it was right after I came back from lunch... sweet!!

Great job on the exercising and eating. I really don't think the chips are all that bad. I feel like everything in moderation is fine... and the fact that in every other area, you are trying to eat right, and exercising is good enough to let you indulge (even for breakfast) in an 'off-limits' treat.

And I can imagine how weird it must be to hear those weird comments. There are 2 dentists in the office I go to, and they are both women. Successful, family-oriented women, who are great dentists. I think following your dream is a great thing to do!

My blog is private, in case you've tried visiting. If you would like an invite, email me at annbillo at msn dot com.


Sara said...

Thanks, Annie! I did look for your blog and saw that it was private. I will email you this afternoon, and I really appreciate the invite. I will probably eventually go private, too, but I need to have more than 4 people reading before I do that! :)

Mrs. T2 said...

Last year the power went off at my center and we acted the same way. Of course we were totally excited because we had to call all of the parents and have them pick up their kids!!!

I think it is great that you are going to dental school!! It is funny because today I sat in on the preschooler's group time and they were talking about community helpers and I couldn't help but point out that police officers and firefighters could be women!!!

Good job with the eating right and working out, but chips for breakfast....How do you do it???

Sara said...

LOL, Renee! I don't know. Other than that one thing, I really eat pretty well, and I eat normal things at normal times of the day. The habit will be broken when I quit my job at the end of next week. No more snack machine!