Monday, July 16, 2007

Weekend Recap

Hi ladies! Hope everyone had a great weekend. Mine went well, as planned. My mom and stepdad arrived late Thursday night. We went shopping Friday and Saturday and ate at The Cheesecake Factory on Friday night. It was SO GOOD! I got the Louisiana Cajun Chicken Pasta, my mom/husband got the Spicy Cashew Chicken, and my stepdad got the porkchops with mashed potatoes. Of course, we all got cheesecake, so needless to say we brought leftovers home.

I gave my notice at work this morning. I will miss many of my coworkers. I have been blessed in life with the jobs I have had and the people I have worked with. I often feel bad for those who complain about their jobs, because I have had it so good. I hope that when I open my practice one day I can provide that kind of environment for my employees.

I will be ordering my "required" laptop for school this week. We are required to purchase a Dell laptop. I have never had a Dell (laptop or otherwise). We have a Sony Vaio desktop and a Gateway laptop right now. Do any of you have a Dell? Hopefully someone will give me a glowing report!

Thanks to all of you who gave me advice on the book situation. My husband is planning on calling his school this week to make a complaint about the company. He will more than likely call the bookstore after that to talk to a supervisor. I appreciate all the help in that department!

I met one of my husband's relatives tonight for the first time. A few of you who used to read my Nest blog may remember my mentioning my husband's cousin who was an emergency medicine resident in Baton Rouge, LA during Hurricane Katrina. He volunteered to go to the Superdome, and then basically got stranded there when things went from bad to worse. Luckily, he made out alright. He finished his residency and moved back closer to his hometown, where he is working in a local hospital emergency room. I enjoyed meeting him. He is a really sweet guy. He has no girlfriend, so I am looking forward to practicing my matchmaking skills on him, maybe with some single girls in my dental school class.

Also, a prayer/thought request, grandfather was admitted to (and then released from) ICU last week with a low heartrate (41 bpm). They could not pinpoint a problem, so he is seeing a cardiologist on Wednesday. They may have to place a Pacemaker. My grandmother is recovering from planned foot surgery, so they are having a tough go of it right now. Please keep him/them in your thoughts/prayers.

Happy Monday!


destinationbeautiful (b-love) said...

I'm glad to hear you did us proud at the Cheesecake Factory last weekend.:)
I'm glad you had a good weekend. I'm sure it was nice to get to see some family, especially as someone as inspiring and interesting as your husband's cousin! I hope you find a great match for him. You'll have to keep us posted.
I said a prayer for your grandpa today. I'm sorry to read your news. Keep us posted.
I don't have a Dell, so I can't help you there! We're looking to buy a new one in th enext few months, but we haven't done a lot of research just yet.
Okay, enough rambling. :) Hope today has started off great!

Jenny said...

Of course you have our prayers for your grandfather. I hope he gets better soon.

And Cheesecake factory--yum!