Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Weekend-Not So Good

Well, we left on Thursday morning and headed to my grandparents. My husband had developed an unexplained rash on the previous Saturday. By Thursday, he was pretty bad off; the itching was severe enough to keep him up at night. He had gotten a prescription from his Dad (a physician) on Wednesday night, so we were hoping he would gradually improve. He didn't. By Friday morning, he was very sick (running a fever, etc.) and of course, I can't talk him into going to the doctor. (Is this a man thing, or just a my husband thing?) He is too sick to continue the trip, so we head home, which is four hours away. There were several traffic hang-ups, so it took us more like six hours, but we finally made it home. He got worse the next day (Saturday), but has been improving since then. Actually, the rash is only slightly better but he has none of the other symptoms, like fever, etc. We were planning to visit his dad/family on Friday anyway, so his Dad can actually look at the rash if it is still there (which I think it will be).

So, no visit with my friends, no lunch at my Grandmother's. But, at least my husband is getting better, finally. We still have no idea what the rash is. He has been taking Benadryl orally and topically, but neither is helping. Although, that has at least allowed him to sleep.

Hope everyone else had a great weekend. I am hoping our next one is a lot better!


Trish J said...

Holy cow - a mystery rash sounds serious. Good thing you've got a doctor in the family. Sorry your weekend didn't go as planned - hopefully your DH clears up and you can do something fun this weekend.

Rusti said...

That sounds kinda scary!! I'm sorry too that you weren't able to visit with your friends or grandmother... I hope your hubby is better soon!

Oh and PS - TAG!! You're hit!! :)

Rusti said...

by the way - I'm going private soon - if I do before you have a chance to get me your info my e-mail address should be in my profile so you can let me know yours :)